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Choose the type of wood and finish that best suits your decor.

If your taste is not among these, let us know and you will get the lamp that fits your interior perfectly. We are curious about your favourite wood and your ideal finish!

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Create your desired atmosphere with the Lava lamp

With the Lava lamp you can create the atmosphere you want. Romantic, cheerful, energetic or relaxed? The Lavalamp has a fitting effect for every moment.

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** This preview only gives an impression of the many possibilities our Lava lamp offers you. After all, every room is different. So here you can see the kind of light effect, but not what its effect is on your interior.
** This preview only shows a part of all the possible light effects of the Lava lamp.

Sustainable and user-friendly design


Sustainable wood with FSC-label

The lid and base are made of sustainable wood with FSC label. Our high-quality finish with linseed or walnut oil gives the Lava lamp a natural look.

Simple operation

The Lava lamp is very easy to operate via the button. With our app you control the lamp from your chair and select a light effect that suits your mood or create completely unique effects to your liking.

5000 Lumens

With 5000 Lumens, the Lava lamp produces enough light to stand out even during the day and contribute to an atmospheric interior. The high-quality, scratch-resistant acrylic tube ensures perfect light distribution.

Cable management

The length of the power cable can be adjusted so that the visible part of the cable in your interior is not longer then required. You will find space for this under the base of the lamp.

Effect and light settings
WiFi settings
Firmware updates
Device registration

The official Organic Lighting app to control your Lavalamp

With the app you operate the Lava lamp from your easy chair on your smartphone or laptop. Change and personalize the effects, update the firmware, connect the lamp to your WiFi and register your lamp. Simply via your web browser, without installation, on any platform.