Why Organic Lighting products excite you

Organic Lighting products are Dutch glory...

Our products are 100% Dutch design. The products and the underlying software are made by specialists who have turned their passion into their work. We only work with Dutch professionals who practise their specialism in a traditional manner. Organic Lighting products are "made in the Netherlands".

... are made with love

 We find it important that our products are made with love, passion, eye for detail and quality. This is reflected in our employees, for whom Organic Lighting is more than just a job. Together we invest in a beautiful product. A beautiful product is only created when the various components are of high quality. That is why our products all meet high quality standards and are processed and assembled in Nijmegen by local entrepreneurs with love and passion for the trade. You see that, you feel that, you smell that. 


... and are designed for the long term

We do not make products that are planned to age or are made for the short term. By only designing products with the longest possible lifespan, we want to enable consumers to buy less and better. In doing so, we create an alternative to the disposable society in which products are replaced or thrown away as soon as something new or better comes along.  If your product is broken, we can restore it to its original state by means of a simple repair. Or we can make a desired adjustment to the design. Because we regularly provide our products with free software updates, our products will not quickly become boring, but will grow with you. If a product no longer satisfies your taste, you can return it to us. We will then take care of recycling and upcycling. In this way we reduce waste and make optimal use of what we already have.

With focus on both people and nature

We know where, how and by whom our products are made. All parts and products are produced responsibly. We only use wood with the FSC quality mark. 


We avoid unnecessary air traffic and associated emissions by producing and purchasing locally as much as possible. Where this is not possible, as in the case of many electronic components that are currently only produced in Asia, we only work with suppliers who are known to treat nature, their employees and the environment in which they operate with respect.

With the user's well-being coming first

Organic Lighting promotes the health and well-being of users through smart design of user spaces. Initially by contributing to light and thermal and acoustic comfort, but we also think about aspects such as activity and mental health. By immersing ourselves in the latest insights in this field, our products and services help improve the vitality, mood, comfort, sleeping patterns and performance of our users. 

We care for your privacy

Organic Lighting believes that ease of use through smart technology should not mean sharing information about your behavior or even your secrets. Organic Lighting products have been designed with privacy in mind right from the start. For each function, we thought carefully about what the impact on privacy would be and then made as little impact as possible. Where data is shared with third parties, we make that clear. This is how we set a high standard, also for other producers of smart technology. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Organic Lighting is transparent and makes it clear what the impact on privacy is when you use a certain function. You remain the boss: technology serves people and not the other way around.