Although everything in nature is dynamic and moving, nowadays artificial light is almost always static. Rarely is it as subtly moving as nature. Natural light effects support plants and animals, but today's artificial light brings only very little support, atmosphere and warmth. Aurora does. The lamp distinguishes itself by dynamic lighting that mimics the movement of light in nature. Sometimes subtle, sometimes intense, but never the same and always supporting your wellbeing.

Bring any space to life with dynamic lighting

Aurora is a true eye-catcher that allows light and atmosphere to merge and thus bring the space in which it stands to life. With the different light effects the lamp can produce, you can create a special atmosphere in any situation. With dynamic lighting, your living room suddenly looks like a whole new space, without the need for paint or new furniture. It is as if you move a little with every effect. In this way, your favourite spot remains familiar without becoming boring.

Aurora includes 20 unique light effects that you can further adjust in colour and intensity to suit your taste. Dynamic lighting always fits perfectly with your needs at any given moment.

Light effects of Aurora

Below you will find an overview of the effects that Aurora offers:

Rainbow: Freedom, happiness and diversity. That is what the rainbow stands for. Perfect for evoking summer festival atmospheres all year round.
Ripple: Like sunlight reflecting off the foliage in the rippling water surface. Subtle, colourful and constantly in flux.
Twinkle: Playful patterns that surprise you with ever new colour combinations.
Blue Cells: All the colours of the ocean on a sparkling summer's day.
Warm Cells: Sweet, fruity, warm colours and subtle, slow transitions make this the ideal companion for any occasion where you want to make it cosy and warm.
Fire: Bye, bye fire... hello Fire. This sensual, sensational and extremely powerful red fire show will not escape anyone. You will undoubtedly radiate power, but passion, seduction and romance are also lurking.
Ocean Fire: This sensual, sensational and extremely powerful blue fire show will not go unnoticed. It will undoubtedly radiate power, but without the romantic undertone that red fire is associated with. Ideal for companies, catering establishments and events.
Bouncing Balls: The children's and all adults' favourite for maintaining their playfulness. Playful as a child, unpredictable as a magic trick, colourful as the rainbow. Good for hours of fun watching. Do you see the pattern?
Pacifica: Inspired by the water on the South Pacific coast.
Ember: Flowing like water, hot like lava, warm like the sun. This is how Ember fills the space full of subtle warmth.
Holi: A wealth of dynamic colour transitions, named after the Indian feast where people decorate each other with colour powder.
Plasma: Natural mutations, transformations and blends. Just like in nature.
Perlin: Ever new colour transitions, now also in 3D.
Ocean Glow: Like Pacifica, but with an aura on the wall that gives the lamp a nice contrast.
Waves: The waves will get you all the way when you are looking for an energetic, intense colour experience. Give in to your blue, red or yellow mood and take care of your own colour therapy. A short beam of orange light at the beginning of the day, for example, will make you go into the day with a lot of energy. And did you know that violet stands for spirituality? What does your favourite colour stand for?
Waves Color Clock: With the ticking of time, the entire colour spectrum appears. Light fitting the natural rhythm of the day.
Waves Color Shift: Waves Color Clock in gear
Waves Terschelling: Red Clouds, blue sky, yellow culms, green grass and white sand: Imagine Terschelling, but in your own living room.

Many of these effects can be adjusted. Change the colour palette, speed or other aspects and create new, unique effects in a flash. Here you can try out some of our effects for yourself.

We want to expand our selection of lighting effects further and further, so let us know what your favourite effects and colours are and we will get to work on them!

New light effects and functions make Aurora timeless

Based on feedback from our customers, we are continuously expanding the dynamic lighting. Think of light effects that match the seasons or cool new patterns. Through an easy to install update of the software on Aurora, existing customers also have access to the new features and the lamp grows with you. Your product will never become outdated. So let us know what you would like to see in dynamic lighting and how we can make you even happier with your Organic Lighting Aurora!