The LED Aurora, Organic Lighting's first product, is the ultimate in interior lighting: timeless and durable. It is an elongated lamp that distinguishes itself through the combination of smart technology and lighting art. The simple but stylish design of a wooden base and a long pipe made of plexiglass create a eye-catching appearance that doesn't look out of place as architectural lighting. The light of the different effects can be seen in the round acrylic pipe. Because of the smart software behind it, it seems as if the light is moving.

Durable & timeless

We do not make interior lighting that is planned to age or made for the short term. By only designing products with the longest possible lifespan, we want to enable consumers to buy less and better. In doing so, we create an alternative to the disposable society in which products are replaced or thrown away as soon as something new or better comes along. Because we regularly provide our products with free software updates, our interior lighting doesn't get boring quickly and grows with users.

A versatile eye-catcher

The effects in the lamp are colourful and consist of one or more colours. The various dynamic effects always perfectly match your mood, whether exuberant or subdued. The lamp becomes an extension of the user and is the perfect personal touch that makes your living room a place where you feel completely at home and where your guests will feel right at home.

The interior lighting can also be the centre of attention when there is a need for it, think of the role a fireplace played in the houses of the past.

Interior lighting that fits every style

The products of Organic Lighting express quality, taste, modern life and a feeling of home. Wherever possible we use natural materials, design minimalistic concepts and work our interior lighting to perfection. We see lighting as a quality of living space. Light, sound and objects in the environment together create an experience in which one cannot be seen without the other. With over 20 dynamic lighting effects and 3 possible types of wood for the base of the lamp, Aurora can be personalized to your own taste, for lighting that always fits your interior and your mood.

Future-proof and user-friendly

Our smart interior lighting uses sensors, artificial intelligence and software to create an atmosphere that is experienced as natural and pleasant.

It is easily integrated into today's smart home and automated for ultimate ease of use. The lamps are physically controllable, but also work with voice assistants. This makes the Aurora suitable both for lovers of technical innovation and for people who love beautiful, user-friendly products.