Smart lamp: smart LED lighting for smart homes

Organic Lighting believes in humane smart technology. Technology that serves man, without being a goal in itself. When technology works invisibly in the background, it seems like magic. With the techniques we use, we ensure that your smart lamp can adapt to its surroundings, that there is interaction between your various devices, objects and functions in your home and that your lighting goes along organically with what you do and need. Supportive and functional.

A smart led lamp is "connected

A smart lamp is a connected device, i.e. a device connected to its environment. You control the lamp via a smartphone app. This gives you full access to the features of your lighting. Smart also means that the lamp evolves with you. For example, by being connected, a smart LED lamp can receive software updates remotely. This automatically gives your device new functions and more and improved effects.

Alexa, turn on Aurora!

It is possible to control your new Aurora with Amazon's Alexa devices. After pairing with Alexa (see the Aurora manual) you can switch your Aurora on and off and dim it from your couch.

Another way to keep more control over your smarthome is via Home Assistant. This is a platform that you can install at home and that - unlike many other devices - also works completely offline. There is no need to share data and no one but you can see what you are doing. Our smart lamp can also be connected to Home Assistant. This way you can set up Aurora:

  • program it automatically according to a time schedule and let it go on at sunset, for example
  • automatically switch it on and off when you go to watch TV, for example
  • adapt it to the light atmosphere in your room.

Do you use your Home Assistant and would you like to connect a smart lamp to it? Let us know, we will be happy to help you on your way.

Do you have tips and tricks to integrate your Aurora in your smarthome? We would love to hear from you!

Please note: When you connect a smart led lamp to Alexa, you are sharing information in line with Amazon's privacy policy.

The smart lamp is the future

The smarthome functions of Aurora are in full swing. Based on feedback from our customers, we are continuously expanding the smarthome features of Aurora. Existing lamps are provided with software updates, new lamps are delivered with them. This way your smart lamp will never become outdated. Therefore we would like to hear your wishes or ideas.

We care about your privacy

Organic Lighting believes that ease of use through a smart lamp or technology should not mean sharing information about your behavior or even your secrets. Organic Lighting's products have been designed with privacy in mind right from the start. For each function, careful consideration has been given to the impact on privacy in order to minimize this impact. Where data may be shared with third parties, we make that clear. This is how we set a high standard, also for other producers of smart technology. Organic Lighting is transparent and provides insight into the impact on privacy when you use a certain function. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You remain the boss. Technology serves people, not the other way around.

Dynamic lighting: natural lighting effects that match you

Although everything in nature is dynamic and moving, nowadays artificial light is almost always static. Rarely is it as subtly moving as nature. Natural light effects support plants and animals, but today's artificial light brings only very little support, atmosphere, and warmth. This is what Aurora does do. The lamp distinguishes itself by dynamic lighting that mimics the movement of light in nature. Sometimes subtle, sometimes intense, but never the same and always supporting your wellbeing.