LED lighting is currently the most sustainable form of lighting. The most economical LED lamps use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent lamp with the same light output. In addition, the lifespan of the LED lamp is fifty times longer than that of an old-fashioned incandescent lamp.

Aurora meets high quality standards and is processed and assembled in Nijmegen by local entrepreneurs with love and passion for the profession. You see that, you feel that, you smell that.

Sustainable LED lighting, responsibly produced

This durable lamp consists exclusively of high quality parts that have been produced responsibly. We know where, how and by whom the materials for our durable lamp are made. We only use wood with FSC standard.

Organic Lighting avoids unnecessary air traffic and associated emissions by producing and purchasing locally as much as possible. Where this is not possible, as is the case with many electronic components that are currently only produced in Asia, we only work with suppliers who are known to treat nature, their employees and the environment in which they operate with respect.

Sustainable lamp with durable design

At Organic Lighting you buy a durable and sustainable lamp only once and enjoy it for an incredibly long time. We do not make products that are planned to age or are made for the short term. Thanks to the modular, responsibly produced and recyclable components, sustainable LED lighting can last a lifetime. Is your lamp broken or is a part worn out? Then we can quickly restore your lamp to its original condition with a simple repair. Good for the environment as well as for your wallet. Because we regularly update our products with free software, your durable lamp will not get boring and will grow together with you.

Because you only have to buy sustainable LED lighting once, we create an alternative to the disposable society in which products are replaced or thrown away as soon as something new or better comes along. If Aurora no longer satisfies your wishes, you can return it to us. We will take care of recycling and upcycling. In this way we reduce waste and make optimal use of what we already have.

Sent with as little impact on the environment as possible

By packaging our products in recycled cardboard and applying recyclable stickers, we reduce unnecessary felling of trees. For the same reason, we do not send a paper manual with our sustainable lamp. The foil around the acrylic tube was already wrapped around it when we received it. By leaving it in place, we protect the tube and prevent the unnecessary use of extra packaging material for the packaging of the sustainable LED lighting.

In addition, the boxes for our sustainable LED lighting are made to measure to prevent the transport of empty space. For example, more parcels fit in a van, fewer vans are needed and therefore less CO2 is emitted to pick up and deliver orders. It can be that easy.