At Organic Lighting we see mood lighting as one quality of living space. Light, sound and objects in the environment create an experience in which one cannot be seen without the other. This is reflected in Aurora. By tuning the moodlight to your desired mood and events, you enrich every experience.

Aurora supports the natural rhythm of the people living in the spaces they illuminate. Such a mood lamp can be very subtle, but it can also be the centre of attention when there is a need for it. Think of the role a fireplace played in the houses of the past.

Personalise your mood lighting

Aurora supports 20 unique effects. Some of these can be fine-tuned. This way you can quickly and easily create personalised mood lighting. Make your living room a cosy place during the dark winter days with the effect WARM CELLS, imagine yourself on a tropical beach with OCEAN GLOW or wake up quietly with RIPPLE reminiscent of the rising sun shining through the leaves. Something to celebrate? HOLI brings instant cheer and colour. These and all other available effects of the Organic Lighting moodlight Aurora can be found here and you can even try them yourself on our website.

You will see that your guests love to play with the different types of mood lighting. Everyone has their own preferences, depending on someone's character, style and mood. Atmospheric lighting expresses a person's personality and adds function, emotion and safety to rooms. The purpose of moodlighting is to serve and support all residents of the house by bringing their surroundings to life.

A moodlight improves your mood and well-being

Did you know that your mood lighting not only influences your mood, but also your well-being? A lot of research has been done into the effects on health, well-being and vigilance of people working under different lighting conditions. Good lighting creates important positive effects. Not only visually, but also biologically. Research into the biological effects of light clearly shows that the design guidelines for good and healthy lighting deviate to some extent from the conventionally used rules. For example, it appears to have advantages in making both the level and colour of light adjustable.

At Organic Lighting we contribute to the health and well-being of users through smart design of user areas. We do this primarily by increasing light, thermal and acoustic comfort, but we also think about aspects such as activity and mental health. By immersing ourselves in the latest insights in this field, our products and services help improve the vitality, mood, comfort, sleeping patterns and performance of our users.

Continuous new mood lighting

Based on continuous research and feedback from our customers, we are constantly expanding the number of effects of our moodlight Aurora, but we are also constantly looking for the connection with well-being. Think, for example, of special well-being modules. Through an easy-to-install update of the software on the moodlight, existing customers also have access to these new functions and the moodlight grows with you. Above all, let us know how we can make you even happier with mood lighting that suits you!